New site for a law firm. Visual development done fast.

Fresh & professional website showcasing law services with a straightforward experience for the user boosted by micro-interactions and a clean interface across the whole thing

KP Consulting


Art direction, Web design, Visual development


Smuw Studio


The project's goal was to create a fresh, modern, and professional website that would effectively showcase the services offered by the firm and provide a clear, straightforward experience for visitors. The website needed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, with a focus on delivering a high-quality user experience while browsing the subpages. I kept the blue-ish color scheme due to the specificity of the industry, but with a few additional animations and bright-blue accents here and there, I managed to bright up the whole thing a little.

Planning & research

To begin the project, I thoroughly analyzed the client's business and target audience. This included researching the competitive landscape, analyzing the client's current website (which was a little simpler due to the fact that the old one was also done by me), and gathering input from key stakeholders within the firm. Based on this research, I developed a detailed project plan outlining the key goals, features, and functionality the new website would need to include. 4 years passed since I did the first website, so a lot of things have changed - style, functionality, frameworks, etc.

Design & development

Next, I began the design process, focusing on creating a visually appealing and modern website that would stand out in the crowded legal market. I opted for a vibrant blue color scheme and a clean, minimalist layout to create a fresh and professional look. To ensure that the website was easy to navigate and user-friendly, I created a clear hierarchy for the content and organized it into distinct sections. I also incorporated various interactive elements, such as forms and buttons, to make it easy for visitors to learn more about the firm and its services.

Content creation & management

One of the key challenges of this project was the large volume of content that the client wanted to include on the website. I worked closely with the client to create and organize this content in a way that was both informative and engaging for visitors. This included writing new content, editing and optimizing existing content, and developing a content strategy to guide the overall structure and flow of the website. To manage the content on the website, I tweaked WordPress to make sure that the client can easily add, edit, and delete the content as needed. This would enable them to keep their website up-to-date and relevant, without requiring any technical expertise. Six months after delivering the project, Kamil from KPC is doing great job with the dynamic content on the actual website.

The outcome

A successful project that required careful planning, design, and development. By focusing on creating a visually appealing, user-friendly website with a large volume of informative content, I was able to deliver a valuable asset that has helped the firm to effectively showcase its services and attract new clients. Overall, the project took approximately three months to complete.


Overall, the use of subtle UI animations helped create a dynamic and engaging website that provided a smooth and enjoyable experience for visitors. Our agency has had a business relationship with this law firm for the past 7 years, completing various digital projects for them over that time. The firm has consistently been satisfied with our work and has continued to come back to us for additional projects, demonstrating the strength of our ongoing partnership.

of partnership


The actual one. No sugar coating.

Kamil Kempisty

Co-founder @ KP Consulting
From the very beginning, Bart listened to my vision and worked with me to bring it to life. He was professional, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. I was especially impressed by the level of personal attention I received throughout the process. He was always available to answer my questions and offer guidance. I was thrilled with the results. My new website is not only visually appealing, but it’s also user-friendly and easy to navigate. It’s already generating a lot of positive feedback from our clients and colleagues. I highly recommend Bart to anyone in need of top-quality web design services.