I’m Bart Andrzejewski /Unjeyevskee/. Full Stack Designer doing web since ’99. Available for product design & art direction

Product design

Art direction

No code


Lensa AI did the best. At least it's trendy.

& Prototyping.

Recent projects

KP Consulting

Brand new website for my favorite lawyer company from Warsaw, Poland. Design & development. In no-time.

Rapala Travel Concierge

Online presence package for one of the most prestigious travel agents in Poland. Those photos made the work so enjoyable. Just eyeball it

Builders Club North

Modern Dashboard for Rewards Program for Builders and Remodelers in US, during my time in a software house.

Oldies but goodies

iPad-first Hotel Management System in a day


UX tweaks & WordPress development for a Vue Storefront blog

Complete branding & website for a real estate company

Dashboard concept for Brand24

New website for polish software house


I try to build a human connection through insightful feedback, and a dose of consulting focused on the ROI & goals set during the initial talk. All that delivered as data-driven, good-lookin' screen designs, a prototype or functional PWA

My product design process. Sorted.

Steps during the road can vary, both in terms of order and deliverables. Every project is different, so treat this whole "process thing" as guidelines for our potential project.


You and I gotta know what we will be up to with this idea/product of yours. Usually, the most important question is: who will benefit from using your future product, and how? And, initially, how to monetize that in a good way. Personas, Matrixes, Workshops, User or Customer Journeys could appear during the process. No worries.

Research. A lot.

I spend the most time doing the research. Field, competitive research, user & market analysis... I prefer to be familiar with the industry that we will disrupt together. The more domain knowledge I gain during the process, the better product I'll deliver. As an extra step, I often do a little Product & UX audit for a few biggest and most similar products that are already up there, just to be sure that we won't replicate the most obvious mistakes.

Bring in the solutions

I'm finding solutions with some "How Might We's" or some other JTBDs. The goal is to address as many potential user challenges as possible while keeping the scope of work optimal. Usually, the User Journey Map and a Storyboard appear here, with which you can go to some development company or a software house and start working on the backend of your app. We can continue the collaboration here or split sides at this stage.

Visual Development

Design stage. Here you'll get the feeling of getting things done. Screens will be sent, maybe even a clickable prototype. Once the visuals are ccepted, your app will reach the "Handoff" status.


Now we could tell how "spot on" our gut feeling was. I'll confirm that the research I did was accurate in terms of the look and feel of the app, and validate the product by making first contact with your app's potential end-users. It’s an opportunity to see what users think about your product and how they use it. It's also the chance to make some adjustments just before the development handoff.


I'll do my best to make our project easy and understandable at first glimpse of an eye. I'll share animation timings, easings, code snippets for some specific sections or processes, etc., so the code folks will be on the same page.


Post-launch review is optional, that's why you can see a dashed line just above this section, but it can be a crucial step towards the most-downloaded app and/or smaller Churn Rate. Even if the research phase and validation took place, the app behaves differently with the actual data and real users. There are a lot of new factors in play, so we should study them.

Bart. Full Stack Designer. 35.

I'm a Full Stack Designer / Visual Developer, specializing in creating apps, websites, and virtual experiences since 1999. My goal is to assist businesses in achieving their objectives through the development of data-driven solutions that reflect the unique personality of each brand or product.
My expertise includes brand creation, web design, and app creation for companies like EY, Brand24, Growbots, Ingrid, Skanska, Amazon, 3M, etc. I enjoy being involved in every design stage, from gathering biz requirements, thru concept development to art direction or software review. I like mentoring, design critique, and leading by example.

Off work, I'm a father of 2 hyperactive boys, a roadie (Zwift season is on!), a coffee lover & FIFA 23 weekend gamer (blame it on the boys)



Voice on App & Product Personalization


Micro-interactions to improve User Experience


HM for Brand24 (front-end; mobile design)



Senior Product Designer @ CreatorIQ


Full Stack Designer @ Smuw Studio


Senior Product Designer @ Zoovu


Senior UX Designer @ EY


Senior Product Designer @ Monterail


Full Stack Designer @ Follow Vision


CMO @ Perfand, F&M Group